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Laya Wellness

About Us

Laya Wellness Group (Laya Yoga and Westside Yoga) is a very welcoming sanctuary of Yoga Shalas (commonly known as studios), offering services to its warm and loving communities in the heart of the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with 2 Shalas currently at Point Cook and Seddon.

We believe each one of us is completely full and fully complete. “Come as you are” is the core foundation of our Shalas and the teachings.

At Laya Wellness, we believe everyone has a potential to understand themselves through the union of mind, body and soul in relation to the environment. We guide our students to experience yoga through physical postures and beyond, including meditation, mantras, yoga philosophy and mindful movement. Our classes are inclusive, connected, and mindful. They are designed to reconnect and rewire the body, mind and spirit.

You might be joining our classes - for Relaxation - for Strength – for Flexibility – just to Nurture & Nourish yourself. We acknowledge the unique motivation and quest of each individual. So, our classes are designed to initially focus on the asana (postures) to strengthen and reconnect you to your body, then we gently teach you how to breathe more consciously to activate the energy (prana) in your being. With this foundation in place, we share yogic insights and philosophy to understand the nature of mind, moving it from erratic and destructive to a beloved companion. Then finally we guide you into meditation and mindfulness techniques to open your heart and reunite you with who you are.

We teach with open hearts, grounded intentions and deep respect. Our teachers are highly trained, committed to their own practice and self-growth, love what they do, and teach from personal experience of yogic principles.

Our overall intention is always to maintain an environment where each and every student feels safe and supported in exploring a more connected, content and mindful way of life. There is no judgement and no expectation. You are welcomed regardless of experience, age, sex or history. Here the stress of daily life can be put into perspective ultimately allowing healing, release and connection.

Over time and with awareness the gap between doing yoga, and being yoga, dissolve into one.

With gratitude and love, we invite you to “Come as you are” beautiful beings into our community and our beautiful Shalas.

Laya Wellness Group
With Love & Kindness,
Jaymala with the entire Laya Yoga & Westside Yoga team.

Our Story

The seeds of Laya were planted over 15 years ago, when our founder Jaymala Sharma began her journey as a Yoga teacher sharing the ancient wisdom & practices of yoga, seeping into her life right from her childhood (role model – her Grandfather – a virtuous Yogi) and the continuous path of learnings from her amazing teachers in India and from around the world.

After moving to Australia in early 2015, Jaymala continued to teach and lecture at many elite yoga studios across Melbourne; before hitting a key milestone. In March 2019, Jaymala and her family opened their hearts and their home-based yoga shala (Laya Yoga) in Point Cook, with a modest range of offerings – Yin, Meditation, Vinyasa/flows, and Hot Yoga - guided by a group of caring, skilled and friendly yoga teachers.

The Laya community continued to connect, nurture and steadily grow until in 2020, we widened our presence with a new, bigger and an exquisite Shala at Soho Village, Point Cook. The offerings and number of classes enhanced significantly as we started supporting our beautiful students and communities across Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Williams Landing and Truganina to name a few neighbouring suburbs.

  • Yoga classes (Slow Flow, Flow & Release, Hot Yoga, Yin, Meditation and more)

  • Kids Yoga (Term-wise classes)

  • Corporate Yoga (Wyndham area and Melbourne CBD)

  • Events and Workshops (Meditation, Retreats, Soundbath and many more)

Dec 2021, our loving community reached another big milestone when Westside Yoga (a very reputed and well established Yoga Shala) at Seddon merged with Laya Yoga when Jaymala took-over the custodianship of the new Shala from her mentor (Mark Pheely).

This marked the beginning of yet another key chapter of our remarkable journey (Laya Wellness Group) as a wider and very diverse community expanding to cover a vast majority of the western suburbs. We are extremely proud to have one of the best set of teachers in the country and such supportive communities and students (you all), and our spectrum of offerings through the Shalas and beyond is so expansive:

  • Daily Yoga classes (over 40+ weekly classes across both Shalas)

  • Events & Workshops galore (Kirtan, Sounbath, MFR, YIN, Mediation and more)

  • Yoga Retreats: Full-Day, Residential – Regional Victoria and more (Inter-state and International coming soon)

  • Satsang & Dharma talks – Free offerings to the communities

  • Corporate Yoga (across Victoria)

  • Kids Yoga (Term-wise classes) and

  • Pregnancy courses and more…

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