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Prana, Breath and Mind Workshop

Prana, Breath and Mind Workshop

with Paul Wooden

An immersion in the deeper dimensions of yoga practice.

We will balance a clear conceptual understanding of yoga psychology and the more contemporary insights of developmental psychology with the intimate encounters discovered within the rich and subtle terrain of embodied experience.

Pranayama is a profoundly intimate affair and helps us cultivate a relationship with the living current of life itself.

Paul has been teaching for 35 years and is the original founder of Gertrude Street Yoga. He draws from many different styles and traditions, finding value in the classical, tantric and non-dual traditions complemented with developmental psychology, integral theory, and trauma work (somatic experiencing). Meditation is a central pillar of Paul’s offerings.

Sunday 11th February

Westside Shala

10:30 am - 4:30 pm


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