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The Healing Power of Yin - A Yin Yoga Masterclass with Mark Pheely

The Healing Power of Yin - A Yin Yoga Masterclass with Mark Pheely

A Transformative Portal of Healing through the power of Shiva, Shakti and Intimate Stillness

In this gentle, insightful & potent Yin Yoga masterclass, Mark will guide you deep into the Heart of Yin. 

You will understand why and how we accumulate pain in the mental and physical body. We will then explore what is Yin, why it is critical for optional vibrant wellbeing, how Yin Yoga can release these stored vibrations, and how we are surrounded extraordinary boundless energy that can flow effortlessly through our everyday lives, both on and off the mat.

Through discussion, curated yin postures, meditation and curated stillness, healing can spontaneously emerge in the mental and physical bodies and we begin to understand how to effortlessly tap into the vast well of extraordinary energy that is our true essence. 

This master class will include:

  • A short interactive discussion on the ancient Yogic principles of Yin and how to use these to go deeper into your practice. 

  • Then we drop deep into the body with a nourishing and healing Yin class, putting this knowledge into an embodied experience, allowing the rising of Shakti (energy) to slowly release the body’s restrictive holding patterns of tightness and immobility.

  • We conclude with a profound and deep heart awakening meditation that opens a portal to contented conscious living. 

The insights and experience of this masterclass will completely transform your teaching or personal practice of Yin. The workshop is open and accessible to absolutely everyone, but particularly calls those who seek a deeper embodied understanding of the true healing power of this ancient practice. 

Saturday 29th June

Westside Shala

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

$55 (Members 10% off MEM10)

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